Thursday, December 27, 2012

establishing an Attitude of Gratitude

I just thought I'd share a little more detail about this gratitude week! First, here is the super cute orange book that is all organized for holding a LOT of gratitude! It's small, too, which makes it's extra sweet. It's about the size of my hand.

I decided to be very non-traditional and start this gratitude journal on the 23rd of December! I couldn't wait any longer to start! Plus it felt fun to be a little unique to not start on January 1st! I write at the end of each day and date it, but here I've just quickly listed what I've written the last few days in one big list! Enjoy!
I am grateful to my parents for teaching me of my divine worth.
I am grateful to learn that Travis is a lot more of a Christmas fan than I ever realized! (LOVES Christmas lights and Christmas music. EXTREMELY loves it. So funny to have spent 6 Christmas's together and just this year am I realizing the depth of his Christmas passion!)
I am grateful for fun plans to look forward to.
I am grateful for a sweet, kind, smart, and happy baby girl!
I am grateful for toothbrushes! I feel so refreshed after brushing!
I am grateful for how much fun I had shopping for family's gifts this year!
I am grateful for Christmas. I am also grateful it's over so I can put away all my decorations. It's a breath of fresh year to not feel so cluttered and "full"!
 I am grateful for Travis's heartfelt belly laugh!! haha! It's one of those mood changing, addicting, got to laugh with him kind of laughs!! Love it!

It's neat today to be in the middle of my day and naturally paying attention to what I am grateful for in this perfectly normal, wonderful day!

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