Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Week 1: Day two and lights too!

Goal: serve my husband and show my love for him a little more! (chapter: Healthy Connections from Faithful, Fit & Fabulous)
What worked?
I LOVED having someone else and something to give so much purpose to my rather regular, mundane, at-home, normal day. I put up another string of Christmas lights on our tree outside. (Last night he mentioned that would be fun to do.) I also changed out the dead light bulbs on each side of our garage. This was something Trav tried to do last year but couldn't because the screw was stripped. He's been wanting to try again and has mentioned it a few times. I tried unscrewing it during Brynlie's nap, and it was sooo hard! After many prayers and several failed attempts at removing the stripped screw, I felt almost inspired to find another method of removal. Using 5 different wrenches the screw was removed!! I almost cried in gratitude when that dumb screw started to turn! Trav was really please at having two brights porch lights (actually three counting our front porch light) staring at him when he pulled up!
While Brynlie was awake, I also cleaned out and organized "his drawer" that he drops all his keys, wallet, etc. The other day he said it was "out of control." It was fun to (again) do something for him knowing that he wanted to get it done but wouldn't have time to do himself. It's been fun to serve with full intent the most important person in my life!!

What didn't work?
Well, like I stated yesterday, today my plan to serve him worked. That's because I had nothing going on. I know that I will have to get more creative and use my time more wisely. Tomorrow, for example, I have other obligations to balance my time with. Simple but on-purpose things are also good, right!? :)

What would I do differently? 
I get so excited about all my ideas that I try and do (like) ALL my ideas in ONE day! For example, cleaning out his drawer was fine to do today, but I didn't need to do that today along with the "outside stuff." I have Brynlie to also give my attention to, so I should probably balance all my ideas and my time a little better. Nevertheless, I can't help myself when I get excited about my ideas. But balance, it's the key word! :)

PS have you put up Christmas lights in a tree before!? It's so hard!

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  1. I really love your ideas about actually paying attention to what HE would like done... Very thoughtful, but also harder. Way to go though! Very inspiring!