Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's simle. I'm trying this again!

For the past few months, I stopped working on being a little more Faithful, Fit & Fabulous for two specific reasons.
1. I slipped back into my normal routine. Taking at least 30 minutes to blog was way to big of a commitment for a crazy, silly, busy woman like me!
2. What do I work on first? Everything is so important, so helpful, and so fun to be apart of! How do I choose ONE thing to focus my attention on? And how do I not get bored working on that one goal by Wednesday?

I want to try this again. Do you mind!!?? I'm sorry for not being a perfect, constant, model and example. I'm just me. Trying to battle my natural man. And I'm off to battle and party again!

So how do I not end up exactly where I ended up the last time? Who knows. But I have two solutions to the two problems above and maybe that will help.

1. This blog and each blog post have to be simpler. My goal is to DO and FINISH all 8 weeks of this projects while sharing it with you. If I happen to make this blog cute with pictures and other accessories then that's fabulous but that's not the main purpose of this blog. (note to self: take my successful scrapbook strategy: simple, caught up, and actually kinda pretty!)
2. I am going to choose one SIMPLE goal each Sunday. Pray to know if that's a good choice. I get bored day after day working on the same fun goal. Therefore, I will create specific goals for each day that don't take all of my free time. Perhaps embrace my desire to be involved in more than one thing while still being constant in at least one thing.

Okay so Brynlie just woke up and real-life has already begun its challenge of lack of time. This first week, I want to work on being a little extra loving, kind, and helpful to my husband. Healthy Connections is the chapter in Connie's Sokol's Faithful, Fit, & Fabulous book that I need to read but have ran out of nap time. Nevertheless, I will begin tomorrow by doing something kind to him and may even finish reading this chapter!

I will give a SIMPLE report tomorrow night.

Wish me luck!

PS Do you think choosing ONE goal would be hard, too? Or is it just me! ha ha!

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