Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gratitude in week 3!

Hi! So I just wanted to review for you and me what I've been up to on this blog for the last 3 weeks.
I am on an 8 week journey to become a little more "Faithful, Fit, and Fabulous"!!! Um, ya! It's going to be amazing! Do you know the author Connie E. Sokol? Well she is faithful. She is fit. She is also fabulous! And she wrote a freaking amazing book about how to become all those things! In 8 weeks! She's LDS and her program involves letting Heavenly Father in on all you're doing and allowing HIM to mold you into something a little more faithful, fit, and fabulous!

According to Connie, there are 8 areas we find stress in if those areas are not doing 80% or better. For example, motherhood, finances, relationships, fitness, and organization. But, man, that's a lot of areas to be doing great at, hence why we women can get overwhelmed with all our responsibilities! Therefore, one of Connie's points is something that President Faust once said, "have it sequentially." That is, timing. So she created a program with one goal in all these areas (plus 2 more) one week at a time. She talks about how we could probably handle more than one goal a week, but only for "like 2 weeks" until life happens and you begin to say, "pass the pan of brownies."

With Christmas this week, I had to set a goal for this week that was doable along with the holidays. This week, every night before I go to bed I've written a few things that I am grateful for! It's been fun! I hope to continue as often as I can throughout this new year!

What worked?
Acknowledging that I can't expect myself to accomplish some great goal along with all that comes with celebrating Christmas and playing with family!

What didn't work?
It's a small goal. I can't wait to do something a little more productive. But I am! It's just hard to choose to accomplish something small.

What will I do differently?
Even now I can be a little more proud of accomplish SOMETHING that I've specifically said I would. I got to keep pressing forward! It's the 3 week mark - that's where I started loosing steam to keep going! NOT this time!! It takes time and effort to be specific about what goal your going to concentrate on every week - it's hard because I'm not used it yet, it's not a habit.

That's okay! I'm excited to work on creating little weekly goals and accomplishing them!


  1. I started writing 5 things I'm grateful for back in September when life was crazy stressful. I wrote them in my journal at the end of the day so that even after a hard day, I could end in gratitude. The best part of the whole thing (aside from being grateful) is that I've written at least a couple sentences in my journal, aside from my gratitude list, almost everyday for 3 months! That wasn't even part of my goal, but I now have so many more happy memories and funny stories to look back on than I did before when I tried to just write in my journal once a week!

    Have you found, in doing your little adventure/challenge, that you accomplish other goals on top of the goals you set?

    1. I've done this once before and I absolutely loved it! I found by writing my gratitude down that I was noticing more how happy I was! Like I would like, "wow, today was just ordinary but look at all the wonderful things that happened. Today was a WONDERFUL day!" It's so satisfying and uplifting telling/showing yourself how happy and blessed you are!

      You know it's funny, but even since my first attempt at this 8 week challenge I have gotten so many things done! Even when I don't specifically think of a goal, I still find myself thinking, "what are some 'things to do' that weigh me down that I could do?" (That's one of Connie Sokol's suggestions) And it's amazing to just tackle those little and (somemtimes) big projects and feel myself moving forward and progressing! I love progress! Good times!