Thursday, December 20, 2012

Is it Thursday already! Ooops!!

So, what happened to my daily updates!!? I guess I got into a "bad" rhythm with last weekend. Then it was hard to get back into the daily-update-rhythm when I had my brother staying with us for a few shorts days! I have one younger brother who is in college and during his breaks he's nice enough to invite himself up and hang out for a few days! It was a blast (as always) and we actually got a lot of Christmas shopping done. So have I or have I not been working on the daily goals I mentioned in my last post? ...mmm....Well I haven't disregarded them all together... :)

Monday: It was suppose to be a day about Brynlie and focusing on her and enjoying motherhood in general. Well, this particular day we hardly had time to eat and she had to come with me here and there. So, very sadly, business got in the way. I was super nice to her :) and she was super super good, but there was no sit down-one-on-one-you-have-my-FULL-attention time. :( We just have days like that sometimes despite what I plan to have happen.

Tuesday: I was suppose to serve Trav and focus a little more on him. This day I actually took time to research some extra special activities I could do with Brynlie... Perhaps I was feeling guilty about how it all went down yesterday (despite my own desires). I came up with some fun things to spend some unique quality time with her! So I mentally checked half of Monday's goal off my mind.

I also came up with a fun idea how I could "serve" Travis. Travis is all about sports. He knows the ins and outs of whatever is currently happening in sports. I, on the other hand, am quite clueless. It's not a particular interest of mine (knowing who was traded to what team and who is hurt and who is losing/winning lately), I'd kinda rather paint or ...clean. :) I like watching Jazz games and even really enjoy watching the 4th quarter of the Jazz games. Travis, knowing I'm not really in "the know", doesn't really talk "sports" with me (unlike my brother who talks my ear off about what's going on in sports). But when my brother talks my ear off, I don't really mind because what he's telling me (and with his enthusiasm) it is kinda interesting. Plus, I can talk his ear off about painting and crafts without even knowing it too. So we are even! :) But Trav, I always talk to him about what's going on with crafting, Brynlie, shopping, or cleaning, whether or not it's really an interest of his. ANYWAY, so I spent the afternoon asking Robby (my brother) to tell me all that's going on in sports and that way I can kind of surprise Trav and know some things that he's really interested in. It was a good idea until that evening when I brought one of the "facts" up to Trav and I couldn't keep a straight face! In fact, within a minute, I had Robby and Trav laughing AT me and my attempts to know and be interested! I still kinda want to try to be a little more in "the know" but I don't think Trav really minds that I don't read ESPN every day like he does!! haha!

Oh and I did some laudry. Well, Trav helped me finished what I started on the laundry. (Again, having Robby staying with us and playing with him just through us off our routine)

Wednesday: I was suppose to create a grocery list using the ads. Surprisely, I DID IT!!! Yep! I ended up waking up an hour before Brynlie and Robby did, so I read my scriptures, ate, and MADE a GROCERY LIST! I was pretty proud! Have I used it yet!? No time to grocery shop yet...but I have plans to tomorrow!!

Thursday: I was suppose to do a "house" project today. And I really have! SUCCESS, again! I cleaned out my corner in my room. That nightstand area is hard for ME to keep organized. It just fills with important yet random things that don't have any other place other than the nightstand. So I organized it again. I have a plan to help fix this constant problem, but it costs a few dollars so I've been waiting it out....we shall see.

Oh, and I did do some laundry!! YAY!

So what worked? KNOWING what I was suppose to be working on! Having TIME in my day to actually do it. Having MEANINGFUL things to do that I care about.

What didn't work? Being way too busy and physically unable to do EVERYTHING I would like to. -You know how that goes!? :) Not having our "normal" routine to work with.

What will I do differently? Well, excepting that I might be busy tomorrow - for example - and setting an appropriate goal or changing the goal throughout the week. Flexibility.

I really might try this week's plan again. Maybe change up Wednesday's and Friday's goal. We shall see!

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