Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week 1 is DONE! :)

Goal for week 1: show my husband extra love by doing extra acts of service throughout the week.

What worked?
Sorry I didn't update about how yesterday went. But both yesterday and today were fine. Small and spontaneous things tend to be both of our favorites. (He has no clue that I've been doing this all week, but he just seems more pleased and touch when I do small and simple things for him. Which works, right!? ha ha!)

What didn't work?
The weekend was hard. I remembered (mostly) to think and do some kind of service for trav, but we were so so busy that it was hard to do any "extra" service. Which is bad to say that I felt I was too busy for service. But I did serve him, just not huge things, which is totally fine. It's all about your heart and taking time (even a small amount) to focus and others' needs.

What will I do differently?
1. I don't want to plan on doing too much during the weekends (as far as these weekly goals are concerned).
2. Also, I'm going to change things up a little bit for this next week. I'm going to try having a different goal per day for this week. Keep things interesting.

Sneak peak for next week:
Monday-chapter "Joy in Motherhood" from Faithful, Fit, and Fabulous! and laundry!
Tuesday-chapter "Healthy Connections" from Faithful, Fit, and Fabulous! (do something extra special for Travis)
Wednesday-Create a grocery LIST while looking at the weekly ads. (Just something I got to get back in the habit of doing!)
Thursday-House project (because I love "house projects" and have a lot of them!) and laundry! (We need to two days for laundry!)
Friday-Read my pregnancy/birthing book

This sounds like a lot of things to do when I read this whole list. But when I read one day at a time and really think about it, it's just one thing per day except for the laundry days which isn't too big of a deal. Plus, I just didn't plan anything for the weekend. I like it. I'm learning. We shall see how interesting and (most important) how success this week will be.

But to wrap up week 1 I'd say it went REALLY well. Not perfect, but I wasn't excepting it to be perfect. The main reason I feel like it went really well is because I learned a lot in the process. I can see that if I keep doing this for the 8 weeks as the author of Faithful, Fit, and Fabulous suggests, I'll accomplish two things: I'll progress in the areas of my goals (obviously), but I will also learn HOW to set and ACCOMPLISH goals. I have accomplished some things in my life, but setting a specific goal and staying focused successfully until it's 100% finished isn't really something I've mastered, ya know!? I kinda like to dabble in all different things, ha ha!

Thanks for reading! This is fun, which is kinda the point! (along with everything else I've talked about!:)

Have a B-E-A-utiful night! :) (or day, or whatever time it is to you!)

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