Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Week 1: Laundry folding done!

Goal: serve my husband and show my love for him a little more! (chapter: Healthy Connections from Faithful, Fit & Fabulous)

What worked?
Today I had a lot of other things asking for my time. But I did do some service for him that was on purpose. It was actually just folding the "whites." (you know what that is, right!?) Every night Trav gets everything ready for his day that way he can sleep in to the very last possible second (and because he's kind of an organized person like that). I'm not always 100% on top of folding our "whites" and so every night that's just another thing trav has to find and prepare (along with his breakfast, lunch, snacks, clothes, shoes, dishwashers, etc., etc.!!!). So when his garments are folded and ready to go, it's a nice relief for him. That may not seem like a different enough or big enough service to you, but it was. Today was a busy day and in order to get all those whites folded, I had to specifically make the time and put forth some extra effort.

What didn't work?.
...It really worked just fine! :) The only drawback to today is that I feel like I need to give Brynlie a little more attention. Busy busy busy! It breaks my heart that she's so flexible and easily plays by herself. That's so wonderful on one (huge) hand, but it makes me feel bad for her. Maybe tomorrow I'll sneak in something intently to do with her! :)

What would I do differently?
Well, (again) things are going well. I made a do-able goal and am flexible with small and big service opportunities. I am sort of flying by the seat of my pants. Which I do like because I feel like I have time to contemplate and get more creative and wise with my ideas, but I also am not 100% sure what I'm going to do for him tomorrow. I don't want to start slacking off now, I need to keep it up! So maybe tonight I start really thinking of what else he has mentioned recently or even way in the past.


Wish me luck!

PS Anyone out there on top of folding their laundry!!!? :) Any tips?

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  1. I wish I were better at being on top of the laundry myself... Folding one load a day doesn't really work for me, so now that I've got 3 kid's laundry to do as well, I usually like assigning a certain day of the week to do the parent's laundry (usually Monday), then another day for the kid's laundry (usually Wednesday). That way, if for some reason it takes me an extra day to get it done, it'll still hopefully be done by the weekend. And now that it seems like we have SO much more laundry around here, I really like breaking it up into 2 separate days.

    Also, you were saying that sometimes you feel bored with your goals half-way through the week... Maybe you could have different goals for each day of the week, to broaden the good that you accomplish. Something extra to serve Travis one day, spend extra time on Brynlie one day, trying out a new recipe, completing a project, spending extra time on spiritual things, doing something to pamper yourself... Whatever couple of things you are wanting to put your emphasis on, you could try to focus on that one thing only ONE day a week & see if that helps you keep things more exciting around there. Because like you said, coming up with something amazing to do for Travis EVERY day of the week is hard, but coming up with something extra special once a week seems a little more doable & maybe could help you turn it into a habit more than only doing it for a week.

    Anyway, good luck! I'm enjoying hearing about your reports! Maybe after you've perfected yourself sufficiently, I'll have to borrow your book from you. Or better yet, maybe they have a copy at the library... What's it called again?