Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 1: Monday lights up!

Goal: serve my husband and show my love for him a little more! (chapter: Healthy Connections from Faithful, Fit & Fabulous)

Here's my review from today!

What worked?
I paid attention to something that he really wanted done as opposed to something that was only slightly important to him. He really wanted more Christmas lights hung around our yard. And that's something he expected to do himself. He was absolutely thrilled to have it done!

What didn't work?
I ended up needing his help to finish what I started. It wasn't a big thing I needed help with and he didn't seem to mind, but it would have been nice to have it completely finished for him.
I spent my whole day doing something for him. That was so great and so fun! But I know by Wednesday I'm going to run out of ideas and energy if I work as hard as I did today. It's okay to do something small yet still nice this for him.

What will you do differently?
Smaller things (if needed). It would be wise to make it a matter of prayer. Perhaps great ideas of service would keep coming up!

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