Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Week 3: filled with motivation and a PLAN!

Okay, friends, I've got to get going and get organized with this 8 week Faithful, Fit and Fabulous program! I did great in week 1. Too great! But week two was a little more cloudy and unclear! lol But I did get some things done which I shared below. (enjoy) But on to another week. Week 3!! A week filled with a clear concrete "life plan" and "weekly goal." One goal, one (amazing) reward. Let me show you what I have in the works!

Create a Life Plan (part of week 2)
"A life plan consists of a paragrph detailing your ideal way of life and weekly goals to achieve it. It's fun and functional. ...Rather than a rigid dictation of must-dos, it's more of a flexible and fabulous rubber band."

My Life Paragraph:
I am solid in my foundation and that foundation is filled with joy and peace. I am always striving to improve myself and becoming a little better each day. While remembering who I am, I connect with people both in fun and spiritual ways. I have simple systems of organization that work well for me. I enjoy creating healthy masterpieces and have lots of yummy recipes to try. (the last sentence is a GOAL!)

I think that might be my life paragraph....for now! :) It will stay the same throughout the rest of the 8 weeks, helping me stay focus and simply remembering my goals!

My Weekly Goal:
I will organized the pantry and create a system that is maintain-able, quickly acessable, and easily understood (and easy to look at)!!
(That's it! Just the pantry this week! I'm excited! It's been one of "those projects" weighing on my mind! I'm excited to check it off my list!)

My Reward:
(why is this so hard!? lol) After each day I work on the pantry, I will take a warm bubble bath! Wahoo!!

PS (a note for me) Things I have learned about ME and setting/accomplish goals: sometimes I love BIG projects (week 1) but I usually get a little burnt out afterward and enjoy a break (week 2). When I am burnt out, I need to embrace it and choose a ONE simple goal, WITH a reward and slowly inch my way to accomplishing it all the while remembering that I will get back to another big project soon. No need to push myself until miserable. Clear goals work best. Don't be afraid to be "do-able." Motivation is key. Follow the promptings of the spirit - Heavenly Father knows me better than I know myself!

I'm SO excited for week 3!!!! OH and I'm 14 weeks in my pregnancy (so many "weeks" to keep track of!) and I'm suddenly (at least the last 3 days), a LOT less fatigued!!!! It feels amazing to feel awake and alert!!! Wahoo!

Week 2: unmotivated, yet I progressed!

Week 2 was interesting! It was filled with fatigue and guilt! Yikes! I wanted to be productive but had no passion! (joy) But I did to several things! I made all kinds of smoothies! Random (in reference to my organization goal, but incredibly delicious and easy! (1. strawberry, peach (with 1/2 cup juice),banana raspberry (that's it) 2. cooked oatmeal, peach, raspberry, a little milk 3. Banana, raspberry, milk (surprisingly amazing...this is when I was sold to the smooth fun! 4. Banana, strawberry yogurt, milk (made in 1 minute and drank on my way to church!) 5. Banana, raspberry yougurt! (everything takes amazing to me lately in the blender!)
I did a few Halloween crafts and organized my closet!

Remember how my closet was out of control!?
 The top shelves look like this:
Well, I got those shelves under control! 
 The shelves where we put our shoes were also a little scary!
 Travis's shoes are acutally always organized. He good at things like this. I watch him and see that he's never in a hurry to put away his shoes, but I, on the other hand, seem to always be in a hurry for some reason! (the missing shoes are the ones he was whereing at work that day)
*sigh* That looks better!

ps this bag is full of broken neclaces! Anyone like to fix "simple breaks" on necklaces????
 Yikes! This shelf under my shirts was not paid attention to so it looked like this:
 Swimming suits and pregnancy clothes packed below....this fall these will have to switch!! :)
 So I switched them! (I don't fold my swimming suits) :)
 Shoes just stacked nicely!
 And viola!! My closet is organized! Which was my goal! The closet needs a paint job and such, but that's for another week!
 Go me! It felt good to DO something!