Thursday, January 3, 2013

Week 4: Water or no water?

Alright folks, no worries, I'm still working on my week 4's goal. What is it, you ask!? It's to be a little more healthier, specifically with working out.

The last few weeks working out has gotten harder for me. We have a (very) simple stationary bike at home and it's always been my default but lately it just kills my sciatic nerve for days and weeks afterwards. Anyway, to make a long story short I've decided that water aerobis might just be the way to go for me for the next few months.

So week 4's goal was to go to at least 3 water aerobics classes at the Clearfield Aquatic Center. They actually have serveral choices of classes. I started on Tuesday since the gym was closed until then. Tuesday night I got all dressed, got all psyched to go (by myself and in the cold, brr..), got the $5.50 it costs, got Brynlie and Travis all ready to survive without me ;), drove there, opened the door and waited at the front desk. And I waited, waited and waited until I had to go to the bathroom! haha! Hey, I'm pregnant, give me a break! But there was no one there. 5 cars, including mine, in the parking lot were probably owned by the 5 cleaning people I ran into as I helped myself to the ladies room. They all just smiled at me, welcoming me to the gym. Yet....I'm pretty sure the gym was closed. I was so bummed especially when I doubled checked the schedule and it really says that they were going to be open Tuesday night.

But, I get an E for effort, right!?

Then, I thought about going to the "open plunge" or the regular swim today and swimming with in the deep end with Brynlie in her floaty. It would be at least a half decent workout and it sounded fun. So today I woke up all mentally ready to take us two swimming to find that the "open plunge" doesn't open until 3:30pm today - which wouldn't work with our plans tonight. Bummer!

Because I was so planning on it last night and this morning, I feel like I  get another E for effort.

But I did spend a whole hour dancing with Just Dance on the Wii, silently praying it wouldn't make my sciatic nerve pain worse. I actually got a pretty good workout - that's how out of shape I am - and my hip-area doesn't neccessarily feel better or a whole lot worse. So yay!

Tuesday I did go grocery shopping and bought a lot of healthy food and got excited again about making some yummy dinners. Which I did make healthy dinners a few times this week! Which made for healthy lunches. (I LOVE leftovers!) I also picked up some protein powder. I am a fan of protien drinks. And, other thing, last night I didn't have any treats/sweets/desserts, which after a yummy Christmas and New Year's is a big deal!

So yay, healthier food choices this week!

Tomorrow (IF the gym is actually open! haha), I'm going to the deep water aerobis class since Trav is home. So maybe three times really is the charm! :)

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