Saturday, December 15, 2012

Week 1: "small acts matter big" on Day 5

Any other mother out there recognize that slogan!? (Sprout...) lol Brynlie LOVES Barney!

Goal: to show a little extra love for my husband by doing extra service for him.

(Yesterday) what worked?
I just did little things yesterday. Like we watched a movie last night and he wanted popcorn but was seated and comfortable on the coach and so I jumped up and made it for him with a smile. He was soo grateful! I also remembered to turn on our heated blanket on our bed hours before we went to bed so that it would be warm. He was excited about that too! It almost seemed like he appreciated these small and immediate acts of service more than my big planned ones. Maybe it's easier to be a good receiver of small acts of service cuz they bring less guilt.

What didn't work?
I had no plan. I just prayed and hoped some opportunities would present themselves. Slightly stressful to leave it up to fate, but once again, it always works out! :)

What would I do differently?
Today (because I'm documenting a day late) I want to try doing some small things throughout the whole day. That's going to be my plan. I want to slow down a little today and just observe what he is doing and what little things I can help him out with. I'm excited because, again, I think he might appreciate those or just enjoy receiving those acts of service better! I actually don't blame him! :)

YAY! Have a fabulous Saturday!


PS Would you guys agree? That its easier to be a good receiver of small acts of service. I

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