Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I want to remember: sleeping success

Dear Me,

I hardly ever rocked Trevin to sleep. We would play for about an hour then I put him in his swing until he'd give his tired cue (facial expression) and almost dosing off. Pick him up, wrap him up, lay him down (in his carseat-keeps him upright cuz he sleeps better cuz he's kind of a spitty baby), put the dark carseat cover over the seat as his eyes are already closed!

This is wonderful for the future for him-being an independent sleeper- but it's amazing now with another child to tend to. I would lose my patience so easily when I had spent 20 minutes rocking him and as I'm laying him down (he'd just wake up on his own or..) Brynlie would yell or say something and wake him up. But now by the time she gets to the top of the stairs, Trevin asleep and in his carseat/bed! Yay!!

Trevin never cried it out. I started before he was socially aware of my leaving him AND with the swing routine above, he is so tired (and now used to this routine) that he seems to relax and be relieved as I lay him down - cuz he's wanting to sleep.

I learned that when they're so young you don't have to be crazy strict about it. Trevin and I had plenty of naps together, which were tender moments. But it's wonderful he's also independent. :)

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