Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shaping up: the abs

After having a baby my abs are in serious need of "shaping up" and "coming together as one," if you know what mean! I hate doing crunches, nevertheless my abs need crunches and I'm out to find simple everyday tips to make them more doable!

I've been doing crunches for a few days now and I've been reminded of a few helpful tips:

Keep it doable (2-3minutes is all I have done a day but its keeps it simple enough that I actually do it!)

Notice what your body is saying (second plank was getting too much and had I gone longer I could have made my back even more sore or worse)

Find a quick way to document (stopwatch on phone - encouraged me to not skip Wednesday)

Keep your mind in the muscle (that actually helps the particular muscle to work a little extra hard - key to my little workouts)

Below are the details Monday through Wednesday of what I have done. Sorry my pictures are all below my text. Not sure how to stager pictures on my mobile app!

Actually, I really started on Friday with a huge ab workout at water aerobics! 10 solid mins of workouts while in a reclined position in deep water!! It left me sore until Monday! Awesome! :)

Monday night I finally squeezed in a 2 minute plank workout at 11pm! Below is my stopwatch picture to prove it!

Loving the way my stomached looked flatter Tuesday morning, I attempted to do that exercise again. But when my lower back was getting most of the workout, I switched to rowing crunches (crunch position, bent arms, one elbow touching the ground as you tip from side to side,sitting up slowly), and regular crunches for a total of a 3 minute workout! Phew! ;)

Wednesday I was done! Crunches? Nah! Lol! And with my back pretty sore from the second plank attempt and lots of stroller pushing, I ignored all the reasonable excuses and opted for working out my side oblique abs. Success!! And less than 3 minutes later, my record of not missing a day continues and I feel much more encouraged for Thursday!! :) (doable chunks, right!?) :)

Here's hoping I can keep it up for the rest of the week! :)

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