Monday, May 20, 2013

In the mix of things: got celery?

I got a new and awesome blender for my birthday!! Im not a blending pro and so I thought I'd try making as many things with it this week as I can! I know (especially lately) sometimes trial and error is a great teacher goes!!

On Sunday I made a smoothie with an orange, banana, strawberry Greek yogurt, spinach, and celery. Then I added a little V8 juice and a cap of vanilla extract.

See my goal is to find a smoothie that has lots of veggies, fruit, protein, and even grains in it to make it a complete and healthy snack.

Honestly, this smoothie totally rocks (and made two servings, both of which were very filling), EXCEPT for the celery. Like the celery completely ruined it!! I like celery so the only way I was able to drink both servings (hours apart), was just telling myself it was a celery drink. If I simply tried to taste it as its own flavor, I kind of gagged at the sweet celery chunkiness! But luckily I like celery so it wasn't all for not.

I'd do this one again, but I'd pass on the celery for sure. The spinach (like all great green smoothies) I could hardly taste!

The Picky-Brynlie test? She actually sipped it three times which had me excited. But in the end the celery smoothie was left for me to finish. :) "Chunky" being the number one problem! :) and I'm sure the extreme celery flavor didn't help! Ha ha!

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