Monday, May 20, 2013

In the mix of things: banana chocolate protien

Today I made a smoothie with my chocolate protein drink! I added two bananas, two caps of lemon juice (brightens the banana flavor and not pictured), handful of spinach (not pictured either, oops) cooked oatmeal!, and 8 ounces of water.

Verdict!? Yummy and filling. Two full servings. But the spinach! Hmm... It was a little crunchy. I could tell I was drinking spinach. I'm not incredibly picky but knowing that I'm drinking spinach with every swallow isn't really what I'm looking for. BUT I couldn't taste the spinach, so that made for a yummy chocolate banana flavor.

As for the oatmeal? Great idea! It makes it chunky but that's fine with me. I cooked it first though (microwave) to reduce some of the chunkiness.

The Picky-Brynlie test? Complete no-go! Ha ha! She kept saying "dats mommy's, data mommy's!" Tomorrow I better trying a non-green-chunky one to win Brynlie over again! :)

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