Thursday, May 23, 2013

In the mix of things: cottage cheese and orange?

I made a special smoothie for brynners that had banana, lemon juice (of course), raspberry yogurt, and milk. For me I added cottage cheese to give it more protein and an orange.

Before I added the cottage cheese, the flavor was fine but not great. The cottage cheese added a salty richness that made the flavor complete.

The orange and cottage cheese blended up well enough to drink but it was still a little chunky. It wasn't too big of a deal, but I did add a few ice cubes and blended them in to take away from the orange/cottage cheese chunkiness. I was a little hesitant adding the cottage cheese, but it really was wonderful. Like I said, the salty richness was the perfect protein substitute for protein powder!

Picky-Brynlie test? She tried a little of her drink (hers didn't have cottage cheese or orange), then set it down to watch cartoons with Trevin! She was holding his hand and watching the TV, but I didn't catch that in time! :)

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