Thursday, May 23, 2013

In the mix of things: berry delicious!

This has been our most delicious smoothie this week! I have thought this before, but this smoothie reiterated to me what a difference berries (in this case blueberries) make to the flavor of fruit and veggie smoothies. From my limited experienced (not just from this week :)), I'd say berries and bananas are STAPLES to fruit and veggie smoothies!

This smoothie had a handful frozen blueberries, a frozen banana (fresh one pictured), handful of spinach, strawberry Greek yogurt, cup and a half milk, and a cap of lemon juice (whenever I use bananas I usually use lemon juice to brighten the flavor).

Picky-Brynlie test? Most successful so far! She looked at it and actually wanted some and took a few sips!!! But that was all. More for me, though!! :)

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