Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Motherhood: We will survive!

Today I had another one of the moments where I realized I had a choice make: to be a crazy and sad mother or a steller mom for my family's specific needs. I suppose I've chosen sanity because I have a plan for tomorrow and some determination way down somewhere in my bones. But I'm still bloated with an ulcer and overwhelmed. Unrelated to motherhood overwhelmedness, Trevin's got a fat lip, and Trav has the stomach flu.

Anyone else done with winter/spring sicknesses!?? They might just do me in! Phew! :)

Things are bound to improve though, right?! Chances are low Trav will have the stomach flu forever. And if I choose faith President Hinckly says things ALWAYS work out for those that have faith. And a grain of a mustard seed has been told to work!! 

Here's to fighting through those mothering blah and frustrating days.

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