Monday, April 7, 2014

Motherhood: the 1 year old and 3 year old stages

I have loved watching Trevin in each of his stages but this 1 year stage has been so so fun! I love watching him not only learn to walk but how incredibly proud he is of himself as he's walking!! I love that he can sign and that he loves to learn new signs! And how he understands the main things I say about food and toys! Right now it just seems like he feels so accomplished and proud of himself which at this stage of learning and innocence is just the sweetest thing I've seen! I'm also loving that he sleeps through the night. Meaning: he wakes up between 7:30 and 8 for the day with the rest of us and can wait 10 minutes and have breakfast before his bottle full of cows milk!
I'm also loving how helpful Brynlie is becoming! How independently she goes potty! How incredibly excited she was when we ate our dinner outside! (Totally worth all the effort just to witness her seventh heaven excitement!) How when she sees Trevin cry when I can no longer play basketball with him picks up a ball and says, "I'll play basketball with you, Trevin." When she gets rewarded for such a kind and thoughtful gesture says, "what can I get if I play tractors with him?" Seriously? Can I just squeeze you!!!?
Love love love!!

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  1. I can't believe Trevin is ONE??! So crazy! Love that you are loving the stage of life both your kids are in right now :) Isn't signing time the best?! I love that it advances the communication that much sooner... seriously relieves some stressful guessing :) Glad you're doing well!! Miss you!