Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Motherhood: Have fun!

That evening (mentioned in the previous post), once the kids were asleep, I was reminded of a principle and then I also did something that completely rejuvenated my faith. I was reminded by Connie Sokol's free podcast called "Beat the Holiday Blues" (and she has many more) to have conscious fun!! I'm really good and working hard even when I don't want to. I love to have fun but easily choose "more important" tasks instead. So I made a list of things I like to do that are unproductive and things that I feel good after (can be productive). Like taking pictures of the details in our yard and organizing something.

Today I'm gonna make time to have full on fun even for 15 minutes!

Also, last night I combined and created my weekly dinner plan with a kids lunch plan, daily fun mom activity, daily kids activity and other calendar type plans (like playing with Hadley and her mom on Friday). I feel so organized and less "what are we going to do TODAY?" When I plan from "off the seat of my pants" I tend to plan things more based on my mood and the same things over and over. Normally it's fine and works well but just slightly exhausting. On days like yesterday where my mood and energy level aren't an asset, I need a solid plan that is unrelated to my mood.

Yay for a plan and "fun" solutions!!

Connie Sokol's free podcasts:

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  1. Good for you making a plan! I think just having a plan in place makes me feel SO much more optimistic about the upcoming week! Sometimes it's SO hard to remember that being a Mom is "fun". All we see is the dishes & the diapers & the laundry. But then I remember that my WHOLE life growing up, ALL I wanted to BE someday was a MOM! And I see Kimberly & Bailey too with their little baby-dolls, already practicing & looking forward to being little Mommies... But it's those precious little "moments" of seeing Brynlie thrilled about eating outside or seeing her help out her little brother & play basketball with him that melt your heart & tell you its all worth it. I've found recently that the better I am at writing those "moments" in my journal at night, the more that I feel more positive overall about being a MOM! :)