Friday, April 5, 2013

my soy boy

Trevin is a very happy baby! He doesn't care if he isn't swaddled for his naps. He loves his binkie, the blinds, and sleeping by me. He doesn't like the hiccups but is talented at getting rid of them fast by eating more or just relaxinng. He's a talented pee-er and can shoot very far!
He's like, "Yea, I'm talented..."
(Note to self #1: The goal with a newborn (age birth to 3 weeks) is to get them to eat a full feeding at each feeding and simply to try and keep them awake but no worries because newborns are super sleepy)

He doesn't mind when Brynlie gets real close. He loves to listen to her gibber gabber. He loves to sleep and already has a distinct afternoon nap! He likes to be fed and see's no need to be burped but just wants to eat some more or sleep.
(Note to self #2: When bathing a newborn, you don't need to use soap because their skin is too sensitive. Cradle cap can be treated by washing the scalp and hair with shampoo using a soft baby brush.)

He's a beauty! With super dark eyes and hair and even pretty tan skin. He is about 7.5 pounds, gaining 16 ounces from 2 weeks to 3 weeks! His system doesn't love milk. His system does better on soy formula. The milk formula made him super grunty (because he really doesn't cry) and made him way constipated. (still waiting to get all that milk out of his system.)
(Note to self #3: when he was only on breastmilk he hardly grew (2.5 ounces from one week to two weeks), and he was extremely gassy.Poor kid.)

He's a good night sleeper like his sister. At 3 weeks, he already does one 5 hour feeding stretch almost every night and 4 hour stretches after that. Whereas he eats after 2.5 hours during the day. He is fine with sleeping on his back with burp cloths propping his shoulder a little to make his head turn to one side or the other. (Which equals (hopefully) no flat head according to the pediatrican)
(Note to self #4: Pediatrican was pleased that I was aiming for two tummy times a day. He said 5-20 minutes is a great tummy time. He said having them nap on their stomach once a day while you are watching them the whole time is beneficial simply for getting them off the back of their head for a little bit.)

He has a hairy back and hairy shoulders like his sister did. Trevin's hair in these areas is super blonde and light whereas Brynlie's was dark dark brown. He loves the bath (pictures to come). He doesn't love (assuming) when I try and keep him awake after he eats. He would like to eat and sleep all 24 hours except from 10pm-midnight! He's a night owl I guess!
(Note to self #5: Trevin prefers his head tilted to his right shoulder (cheek to shoulder), although his neck tendons are not too tight on either side. Brynlie's tendons on one side of her neck were too tight and had to be stretched. She tilted her neck (ear to shoulder) to her left. Around 6-8 months the tilt was completely gone/neck tendons were loosened probably due to exercises with crawling.)

He's a mama's boy, I assume and hope!, because he loves to be held and cuddled and loves when I sing andn sleep next to him. Although, if he's calm and content and I start to talk to him he starts squirmming. Seems like he doens't like to be talked to, but I bet he mostly just wants to be picked up if someone is paying that much attention to him.
He doesn't mind hanging out by himself even when he is awake if I need to take care of Brynlie's lunch, diapers, etc. He loves her kisses and is patient when she holds him! He always naps during her naps - unbelieveable!

(Note to self #6: His toes curl in and the top of his right ear is grown into itself. His toes aren't a problem if they don't trip him when he walks. And his ear might need a minor surgery to look better - it doesn't effect his hearing.)

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