Friday, April 5, 2013

A no regrets labor and delivery! (Ah! so excited I can say that!)

Even though labor is labor and it’s really truly just no fun, I have hardly any regrets about my whole hospital and birthing experience. When it comes right down to it, it’s not because I went natural. I brought a "birthing plan" with me to the hospital. Many of you have heard about how my birthing experience with Brynlie was pretty much devastating, so this time I had a plan!! This birthing plan was a paper with written details about what I didn't want to have happen and what I did. I was first a little embarrassed to bring this huge list until all the nurses acted like it was perfectly normal and expected. I did NOT feel like "the crazy lady in 4220 who's going natural and had this crazy list to follow." (Again, in my experience the nurses were nothing like the nonflexible and mean nurses you hear about. Better shift of nurses, maybe? Who knows, but if I wanted something they jumped to help me.)
Anyway, because of this birthing plan, I have zero regrets about the birth! Everything happened just the way I asked on this plan. Some things on the birthing plan I could have just told the nurses to do at the right time but I was SO glad it was written beforehand because in real life I could not have said or remembered to say all that I had written.
Everyone wants a good birthing experience, obviously. Everyone has their own specific expectations and desires. Nevertheless, I thought I’d share exactly what I had on that plan, I don’t know, for those that are curious and for those who are creating their own birthing plan and want some additional ideas and insights. You’re welcome! ;)
Oh and when I originally wrote this, it was only a few months since delivering Brynlie, so I was mad. I was determined and I was very assertive. Then, because we had Trevin a little earlier than I thought, I never had a chance to rewrite the plan with nicer words. J So, to me, this plan sounds pretty harsh. I guess my only regret would be that this plan doesn’t sound too nice. Next time I want to rewrite it with a little more fun and humor to it yet still in a very assertive way. (Maybe because it was so straight forward and not necessarily nice, the nurses were excellent in following each thing, though! lol!)
Oh and after delivering Trevin, I added #6 and #9. Although I had no regrets, I still live and learn! (Explanation for #9: still getting oxygen from the umbilical cord and breathing in oxygen is beneficial for the baby.) Oh and I am personally glad Trevin got the shot and the eye stuff after delivery. But I haven’t done a ton of research on it. But the nurses were extremely for it. (They were also extremely supportive and excited I wanted to go natural, so I really trusted and valued their opinion.) But, maybe do your own research before taking my word for it.
Alright, phew, I think I’m ready to share. Enjoy my very non-sugar coated side! (oi!)
mean face. grr.
BIRTH PLAN for Rachel Thompsen (DOB 05-14-1988)
  1.   I don’t want to be told how much I am dilated. Please keep this to yourself.
  2.   I would like a nurse that has assisted in successful natural deliveries in the past and/or who has had her own positive natural delivery.
  3.   I would like to request room #4.
  4.   When my forehead wrinkles, I want Travis to lightly touch my forehead as a reminder to relax my face. When my shoulders, arms, and legs tighten, I want Travis to lightly touch my arms to remind me to relax those areas.
  5.   If I still need pitocin, I would like the lowest dose and for it to be discontinued once my body catches on to the induced labor.
  6.   I want a local anesthetic right when I my body begins to push so the medicine will work before the baby crowns! Ouch!
  7.   As am pushing and almost ready to deliver, I don’t want the extras nurse telling me encouraging things. (they weren’t there during all the labor, I don’t want to hear from them now). If this happens, I want Travis to kindly assert that “we have this under control and please move and wait over there.” Or something…
8.       The nurses will NOT unsnap the shoulder snaps on my gown until the baby has been born. I want trav to help ensure my privacy during this time.
9.       I want to delay the cutting of the cord until the baby is taken to be weighed, etc.
10.   If the baby is healthy, I want to keep the baby in my arms/on my chest for 1 hour BEFORE the baby is WEIGHED or any other such procedures take place.
11.   I want Motrin right when I get into post-partum BEFORE post-partum pain sets in. I also want a Motrin to be in my system for each time I nurse.
12.   I want ALL postpartum nurses to push on my uterus while taking close notice of my bladder (when my catheter has been taken out) because it might be paralyzed!
13.   I plan on nursing. I will try nursing without a nipple shield if necessary.
14.   All visitors must leave my 7:30pm so that I can relax and go to bed calmly and not worried about the clock and getting enough sleep.
15.   If the baby isn’t nursing well then the baby will be in the nursery from 9pm until 6am. Otherwise, the baby will sleep in the nursery and then be brought in to me to nurse when the baby is hungry.
16.   I plan to stay at the hospital for two full days after having the baby.

See? I'm actually pretty nice.
But the nurses will never know that! jk!
(Actually I was especially nice to them, maybe cuz I knew my birthing plan made me sound very scary! lol)

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