Friday, April 5, 2013

Brynlie Rae

Brynlie is my favorite little girl! She likes babies, baby dolls, animals, dancing, butterflies, shoes, hats, coloring, kids, running, walking, and probably a lot more that I can't remember right now.

She doesn't love food, especially trying something new. Just learned that she likes plain cook-at-home tortialls, cold noodles and cottage cheese. Cheddar cheese, yogurt, and baby food she will always eat. Oh and candy! Currently we are working on eating hot dogs, which she doesn't like. If she'd eat hot dogs that'd be her meat source! :)

 Another new thing is that she'll gabber on and on and tell us a whole story about something. Normally the story includes Trav's parents dog Sadie or Trav's sister dog Nike, or both.
She has a hard time waking up from her naps most days. But once she's relaxed and feeling better she tells me "Bynney cry (shaking her head "no"), bynney happy!" and "bynney better" and "bynney happy." She loves to play with her cousins and friends and doesn't care if we are close by. Other times she is extremely attached to us and won't leave her side.
 She loves when everything is in its place. The wind blew the umbrella away and this is her saying, "uh oh." She hates if I take a sip of travis's drink because it's HIS drink. She doesn't like "sharing" but is fine if we "take turns!" (not sure I know what the difference is)
 She has beautiful curly curly hair. I have fun doing her hair and she loves her pretty hair. Her hair do in the below picture stayed in until a few days after Trevin was born. This was the Sunday before he was born on Tuesday. She was bathed but we just left her hair alone for a while, haha!
 Got curls!? When it's wet it hits her lower neck. She just barely learned that if she looks up while I slowly dump water on her hair then she doesn't get soap and water in her face and eyes. She loves putting the On Guard oil on her feet and loves picking any scab on her body. She's beginning to love band-aids! Me too, actually, cuz then the scab has a chance to heal!
 She loves loves shoes and puts a lot of them on herself. She loves to stay clean and to clean with a "wipey." She loves to shut herself in the fridge and that pantry and is 100% NOT afraid of the dark. She doesn't know how to open doors yet - turning the knob.
 She says "hedjay" when she wants to be held or if she's holding something. Ex: she'll say, "mama hedjay baby and bynney hand." Translation: "mama is holding the baby and Brynlie will hold mamas hand" when we are walking downstairs, etc.

She's a sweet girl and very empathetic. She loves to sit under the kitchen table and pull in all the chairs and say, "see ya later....Robby's house..." And I say, " oh, are you going to Robby's house?" And she says, "yea, see ya." Lately she's been saying how she's "on the way" to Robby's house! So cute! (Robby is her uncle and my younger brother. They're buddies)
She'll tell us that we are cute. And sometimes whisper "wow" when she likes the shirt I just put on. :) When we're getting ready to eat she'll say, "I waaaaant.... (Thinking), (clicking her tongue in her mouth)...fishies." (Or raisins or a "snack" which is a fruit snack).

What a cutie! Love you brynners!

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