Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Week 7: possibly some scrapbooking progress while being sick :)

So I haven't updated. Sorry, this apparently happens to me during week 4 and 5....and 6!! haha! But I am still working on lots of things! I've done water aerobic exercises about 8 times the last 2 weeks, I've create an argyle wall in Brynlie's future big girl room, planned activity days, tackled (with no success) potty training, gotten sick twice, stayed current with my gratitude journal, been in Wee Care at wee hours of the night for croup, stayed current with Downton Abby (with Travis), worked a lot on hypnobirthing (with Travis), hosted my brother twice and my parents twice (4 different occasions), and spent a few evenings down at their house!!! Just to name the out of the ordinary stuff...

(This is me at 28 weeks, way sick with the stomach flu. And below is Trav laying on the kitchen floor because he was even more sick, playing with Brynlie who had just barely stopped throwing up herself! funfun!)

But my main goal was to FEEL healthy. I know week 4 was similar, but the last 2 weeks I've really focused on exercise and really feeling the health. (apart of colds and the stomach flu). I guess what I mean is I have made good food and exercise choices. AND to top it off I DON'T have high blood pressure...during my pregnancy with Brynlie my blood pressure started to act up around this time. Hopefully it will continue to be fine! (PRAY!)

So this next week will be yet another week mostly hanging out at home. Joy. I am not a home body person and love to be out of the house for a little bit each day. So does Brynlie, especially after the last couple of weeks. By the time Trav comes home we are both at our whits end to leave and see new scenery!! But, nonetheless, that's what the next week has in store due to our colds.
(Brynlie likes getting outside, but snow it NOT her thing...this year.)

But I have a plan!

My goal to week 7 is my scrapbook. With the holidays I've taken a LOT of picture but never had the time or devotion to do anything about them once they were taken. So this week is simply to work on scrapbooking. I have journaling to do, pictures to choose and then print, and then add everything into the scrapbook. I'm not going to make any specific goal amount to accomplish. There's just too much pressure in that. Scrapbooking for me is a productive thing to do but it's also a FUN thing to do and it can easily turn not fun when I'm hurrying through it. There's no need to be 100% caught up by the end of this week (but that would be nice), but I know if I do a small amount each day I'll get a lot done!

Wish me luck!

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