Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the Craziness Continues into Week 2!

So despite my lack of little updates of my week 1 progress, I knew that you were all excitedly waiting for my next big post! ;) You were probably as excited as this little girl, right!? And I thank you because it gave me enough motivation and accountability to DO IT!!!!! YAY!!

What did I do exaclty!?

I simply was establishing some holy habits!! In fact, all week long I worked on a seriously huge project and I made some SERIOUS progress!! I had 17 "experiences" and 3 "projects" left to get my Young Womanhood Recognition as a leader. And NOW!!!? Now, I have 6 "experiences" left (and 3 are in the process of finishing) and 3 "projects." So that boils down to 2 hours of personal progress a day, completing at least 2 "experiences" a day! And 11 experience done and checked off my list!! That's A LOT! And I am so excited to have such a huge chunk done. My goal is to finish all the "experiences" and "projects" by November 7th, which is SUPER close!! But I am on my way!!

What worked? How did I accomplish such a huge amount this week? I worked during Brynlie's 1-hour nap, while Trav and Brynlie had some after-work-bonding time, and if I had to then I finished up after Brynlie went to bed. So basically that's what all my free time was spent doing. But it worked because I only had one goal to do this week and again, I knew you were all counting on me to accomplish my first goal!!

So what's going on for week 2 of being faithful, fit and fabulous!? Creating a "life paragraph" in order to keep the rest of my goals I choose consistent with my overall long-term goals. And then YES choosing an area to work on! Wahoo! Because this is real-life and my life is a lot like yours where there seems to never be quite enought time, I will hash out and reveal my life paragraph....later!! :) But I will tell you that this week, week 2, I will be conquering FOOD!

I want to create healthy quick go-to LUNCHES and snacks, find and buy some great protien powder, and even begin preparing 2 months worth of freezer meals! I'm excited because currently all my meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are very spur of the moment, whatever is in the fridge, anything quick to make, and that's not always the healthiest. The 2 months worth of freezer meals will hopefully all be crock-pot meals (mulitply the "easy" factor) and the time given to that project will go towards one of my personal progress projects mentioned above!! YAY!

Mostly for my sake, let me be a little more specific:
Tuesday: Find some fun lunch, snack, and even dinner recipes. Gather, gather, gather!
Wednesday: Prepare some lunch items beforehand (cook rice and freeze). I do better when I don't have to CREATE three healthy meals a day (too much cooking and cleaning), but cook some bulk food items to keep me from grabbing a box of cereal. I'll explain this more in detail Wednesday.
Thursday: Buy some protein powder, and cook and essemble more lunch and dinner items.
Friday: Buy some protein powder (as a plan B if it doesn't happen Thursday), and cook and esseble even more lunch and dinner items. (2 months worth of dinners is a lot to essemble, even three days won't be enough but it's progress)!
Saturday and Monday will probably be the same as Thursday and Friday.

I'm guessing that I'll be updating you a little more this week on my progress, but ya never know because, again, this is real life where there is just never quite enough time! :) Enjoy your happy Tuesday!

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