Friday, September 14, 2012

Faithful, Fit, & Fabulous!

Hello! I have some amazing ideas for this crazy blog. (eek!) Most of these ideas are fabulous but yet still percolating, so let me tell you about my first and biggest idea for this here blog!

I am on an 8 week journey to become a little more "Faithful, Fit, and Fabulous"!!! Um, ya! It's going to be amazing! Do you know the author Connie E. Sokol? Well she is faithful. She is fit. She is also fabulous! And she wrote a freaking amazing book about how to become all those things! In 8 weeks! She's LDS and her program involves letting Heavenly Father in on all you're doing and allowing HIM to mold you into something a little more faithful, fit, and fabulous!

According to Connie, there are 8 areas we find stress in if those areas are not doing 80% or better. For example, motherhood, finances, relationships, fitness, and organization. But, man, that's a lot of areas to be doing great at, hence why we women can get overwhelmed with all our responsibilities! Therefore, one of Connie's points is something that President Faust once said, "have it sequentially." That is, timing. So she created a program with one goal in all these areas (plus 2 more) one week at a time. She talks about how we could probably handle more than one goal a week, but only for "like 2 weeks" until life happens and you begin to say, "pass the pan of brownies."

She's hilarious and so inspiring! I first discovered her while listening to a program on the Mormon Channel called Everything Creative. She was so awesome that I bought her book on Amazon like the next day! (Which is crazy for me because I have serious issues with spending money on myself....I just feel guilty, ya know!?) But yes, I received it in the mail and started reading immediately. I set my first goal and did it for 3 days, then life happened (sooner than her 2 week alert :)) and I continued to think about it and hope to apply it and then suddenly 8 weeks passed! ha ha! I came to the conclusion that I need a real place to be accountable to.

So that's my first big idea with this blog is reporting on my progress in this 8 week program of faithfulness, fitness, and some serious fabulousness!!! Connie, has "post-it" sheets to fill out each week and that's what I will write on this blog!! If this sounds awesome, stay tuned for Monday (ish) when I'll share what I'll be doing the first week! If half way through, or something like that, you think it's awesome enough to join in, then by all means JOIN IN! Eek! If not, just let me be accountable to you! I need you! Ha Ha!!

Anyone heard of her? She's also a motivational speaker, has anyone had the priviledge off hearing her speak!!?

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