Thursday, September 27, 2012

A little BIG update, for ya!

So, people, you'll never believe it! Neither can I!
But I lost all motivation and even desire to accomplish any freezer meal/"food" goals. Haha!

One reason I've been unmotivated is because I've just been a little pooped er tired this last week.
Slightly random and slightly NOT random because....
Yep, you read it right!!!! We are PREGGERS!!!! Hooray!
We are so excited!!
I was nauseated for a week and a half! Not bad, really!
And this week, I'm tired after a few nights of 10+ hours of sleep, which is really unmotivating when it comes to accomplishing GOALS!! oi! :)
We are due April 2, 2013 which makes me 3 months preggers and 13.5 weeks!
Trav's excited.
I'm excited.
and Brynlie thinks she and daddy have babies in their tummies too!!!

So as far as becoming a little more "fabulous," I decided to take the author of Faithful, Fit and Fabulous's advice and use my plan B. My plan B involves not doing ANY freezer related things right now and focusing on smaller steps in another area! haha! I have started organizing a few things and it feels good. Apparently I'm not a professional goal-setter-accomplisher....yet! But I am still moving forward and learning from experiences. What worked last week was do-able chunks and CLEAR set goals for each day. ...And do-able chunks....small chunks wins the race, right!! ;)

See how this closet looks like it's going to eat you!? This is NOT a picture from Google, this is my closet! And this closet needs help!

So this afternoon, this was one of my do-able projects in my plan B. Yay for not giving up!! And it felt so good to DO something! I finished the cleaning out closet project but the details and before and after pics I'll show tomorrow, or just later!


The closet better watch out!! Grrrr! :)


  1. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and your family!

  2. Skyler says he likes your "muscle" picture the best... :) Congrats again on your exciting news!