Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Natural vs Epidural

As the nurse wheeled me into postpartum a little over an hour after delivering Trevin, she asked, "so would you go natural again?"

The question seemed almost ridiculous after what I had just been through. At that moment, I was NOT doing anything close to that again!! Ha ha!

In comparison to Brynlie's delivery, Trevin's delivery was completely ideal and everything I envisioned it to be. But it's still labor and delivery! It still a human being coming out of you! But it's very true, too, that Trevin was born in as much peace and calm as I was able to muster. I kind of feel like I could tell he felt calm too because he didn't cry at all when he was born (and for almost a week) yet was breathing perfectly!

But what's my opinion on epidurals? Epidurals are a blessing from Heavenly Father. If my body didn't have weird side effects to it and if I knew 100% that it would actually WORK like its famous for working then why not have an epidural? Why feel all the pressure? So I still think epidurals have their place as a blessing from modern technology.

That being said, there are major things about going natural that I loved.

1. I got to witness first hand how freaking awesome MY body is! Or how awesome women's bodies are! I heard people causally say, "when you feel like pushing..." Ha! If that's not the understatement of the century. My body pushed the baby out and there was no stopping it! I couldn't even breath when my body didn't want to. My organs and everything knew it was time to have a baby and so it did. While me and my mental stuff just tried not to get in the way by simply staying relaxed knowing my body knew what it was doing. It was awesome to be so surprised and impressed with my body. Women are amazing!!!

2. Through reading and researching lots of things about going natural and epidurals, I read about how epidurals drug the baby too! It sounded utterly impossible and Brynlie certainly didn't drugged! So i didnt believe it. ha ha! But in postpartum, the nursery nurses said there is a huge difference in the babies that are born without epidurals! She said they are so much more alert, not drugged. Brynlie was alert for a good hour after delivery but Trevin was alert for at least 2 hours plus lots in between naps. So a huge reason I'd encourage one to go natural is for the baby's sack. Going into this delivery, my choice to go natural was all about creating a better experience (than brynlies) for ME. If I was in a better place mentally and physically, the baby would naturally benefit as well. But now being through it, I'd do it again mostly for the baby and a little for me.

3. It was a neat feeling in postpartum to not be numb and not worrying, "I wonder how I'll feel when this all wears off." There was this sense of normalcy; I didn't feel like I just came out of surgery or a patient. I felt pretty independent as far as going to the bathroom and moving around and stuff. I felt like me...with a sore bum! Literally. :) Despite the stitches for the episiotomy, my major pain source was a sore bum. I didn't even do a lot of sitting on the bed, but by the time Trevin was born my bum was completely numb from sitting! Maybe the ball did it...? Weird!

4. With Brynlie I felt a lot of pain against my will. This time it felt wonderful to feel in control, or it felt good to not be afraid or surprised by the pain. My body was in control and I knew that and was calm and comfortable just with that fact alone. There's something very powerful about NOT feeling victimized but to feel like this was MY choice. I was able to stay mentally sane through the whole thing. High five!!


  1. Love hearing your thoughts! Thanks for sharing! It's always fun for us women to hear other women's thoughts on labor stories... :)

  2. I love hearing your thoughts on everything, especially since you've experienced both! I love how open & honest you are :) You are a WARRIOR!